6 global celebrities take on the bold challenge to reveal their bare skin for the first time with one ally: Facial Treatment Essence.

For many women, being in front of a high-definition camera without a smear of makeup on their skin or a glowy filter can sound like the most daunting thing in the world. In fact, nearly half of all women believe they must wear makeup to feel beautiful and confident.*

But at SK-II, we believe in the most authentic vision of bare skin beauty. The Bare Skin Project challenges our celebrity muses - Kasumi Arimura, Chun Xia, Ni Ni, Mayu Matsuoka, Tang Wei, and Chloe Moretz - to be photographed by esteemed Magnum Photos photographers with no makeup on their skin. Just bare, beautiful skin powered by Facial Treatment Essence."

Discover the full story of their challenge and bare skin photo series by Magnum Photos capturing the intimate bare skin moments.


“I got confidence with my bare skin by using Facial Treatment Essence every day. This helped me present my most natural self in front of the camera."

Arimura Kasumi

"By using Facial Treatment Essence every day, I have the confidence to face the camera with my bare skin."


"When I first heard about this campaign, I was thrilled. This is about being able to create a new movement of honouring the beauty of women as it is, and about being yourself with confidence."


"In this #BareSkinProject, I want to show the most authentic me with my real skin - without any skin makeup or retouching."

Ni Ni

“I truly admire the #BareSkinProject’s authentic and unfiltered take on beauty.”

Bareskin Nini 0 Article Image 1

Tang Wei

“When I first heard about SK-II’s #BareSkinProject, I thought I could not do it as I have never revealed my bare skin in public before. “

* https://www.huffingtonpost.com/alexis-sclamberg/makeup_b_1291785.html

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