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The best
skincare regimen
in your 20s

From large pores to dullness, learn about the most common skin concerns in your 20s and how to treat them to get radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Welcome to your 20s. You’ve got a great first job, your first apartment (it’s cozy but awesome), and a ton of new things to do, people to see. Lucky you — even your skin is at its prime at this age, which makes it even more important to address any concerns now. Laying the foundation for healthy-looking skin now can mean all the difference to how it looks later.

Check out the top skin concerns in your 20s and the right products to treat them.

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Surprise, surprise — You can’t actually change the number of your pores, but you can change how visible they are. While pores are what make skin look like skin, clogged pores stretch and emphasise their appearance, creating a rough, orange-peel look. Pores get congested when your skin over-produces sebum (a natural oil that locks moisture in), trapping dead cells and dirt with it.

Our skin sheds almost a million dead cells a day and leaving it to build up can cause your skin to appear dull and uneven. Gentle but regular exfoliation is key to clearing out your pores and improving the texture of skin. Use a toner with clarifying ingredients once a day or a refining treatment regularly to remove surface buildup, which helps prevent pores from getting clogged and enlarged.

Yes, you’ve heard of moisturisers, but are you using the right one for your skin? From early to mid-twenties, your hormonal system is trying to regulate itself which can cause spikes that send sebum glands into overdrive and trigger breakouts. Especially if you’re using rich products that are too heavy for your skin’s needs now. To hydrate your skin without weighing it down or clogging your pores, stick to layering lightweight moisturisers like milky lotions or emulsions twice a day.

Late night every night? Whether it’s a packed social calendar or an upcoming work deadline — when you skimp on sleep, it shows in your skin. Lack of sleep is a common cause of dull skin as it prompts your brain to release cortisol, a stress hormone that can reduce circulation resulting in dull and tired-looking skin.

To maintain your skin’s radiance, indulge in some beauty TLC at these two crucial times of the day: before you go to bed, and before you head out.

Lack of sleep can cause dull, lifeless skin.

Stress and environmental aggressors can also take a toll on your skin’s tone. If you find yourself outdoors often, make sure to protect your skin well. Exposure to harmful UV rays can cause sun damage which includes pigmentation, spots, and dullness. Use a sunscreen with at least SPF30 and make sure to reapply every two hours, more if you’re coming into contact with water. Look for a sweat and water-resistant sunscreen if you’re going for activities like jetskiing or hiking.

During sleep, your skin recovers and repairs itself from stress accumulated during the day. When you get insufficient rest this recovery process is interrupted and incomplete, causing your skin to feel rough and look dull. On such late nights, give your skin a helping hand by using a sleeping mask or a nourishing cream before going to bed. Slather a luxurious layer on and give your skin about 10 minutes to absorb before heading to bed. The intensive overnight care and moisturisation help boost the recovery process, improving your skin’s texture and glow.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove surface impurities. If you wear makeup, use a cleansing oil or cream to remove it first. Never sleep with your makeup on.

Use a toner containing clarifying ingredients once daily to gently remove dead skin cells and prep your face for pampering products.

Use an essence to balance your skin and rehydrate. For even coverage all over, apply using a cotton pad in light pats.

To counter dullness, use a brightening essence twice daily to rejuvenate and brighten skin. For a more intensive treatment, add a brightening mask once a week.

Invest in a good eye cream. Late nights and long hours staring at screens cause strain around the eyes which can lead to fine lines.

Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of skin dullness. Cover your face with at least SPF30 and PA++ UV protection as your first line of defence.

Use a sleeping mask as a multi-functional step to deeply moisturise and nourish your skin overnight. Perfect for late nights!

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