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Protect your skin from hyperpigmentation (dark spots on face)

Say goodbye to future dark spots
Clear and unblemished skin is the natural result of having good skincare basics. Establishing a good skincare regime will protect you against dark spots and UV damage.

Yumi Narasaki

Renowned Beauty Writer

Whether you are looking to prevent dark spots, or to improve your skin condition, the starting point is the same for all of us: an effective and proper skincare regime is your foundation in the prevention of dark spots.

Some of the main causes of dark spots include:

  • Skin damage from excessive sun exposure

  • Exposure to a dry environment

  • Natural aging process

  • Effects of stress

  • Hormonal  changes

  • Frictional damage

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays causes our body to increase its production of the pigment, melanin, to protect the skin from sun damage; this pigmentation is responsible for the tanning effect of the skin. However, prolonged exposure to harmful UV radiation leads to excess production of melanin and the result is hyperpigmentation, or the accumulation and build-up of visible dark spots on the skin.

How does hyperpigmentation occur? Essentially, the production of melanin is the body’s natural defense mechanism to counter the damaging effect of excessive UV exposure on the skin. The build-up occurs with extended periods of sun exposure.

The other common cause of dark spots is aging. With the passage of time, our skin metabolism changes. This could lead to a system imbalance which may result in either an increase or decrease in the release of melanin.

Frictional damage occurs with excessive rubbing or abrasion of the skin surface due to irritation and discomfort. This, too, can cause skin discoloration through increased melanin production, or, hypopigmentation.

A host of other reasons, such as stress-related triggers and hormonal changes, could also lead to a pigmentation disorder like melasma, where patchy spots become visible on the skin.



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Dr. Tomohiro, highlighted the causal relationship between dry skin and dark spots. According to Dr. Hakozaki, who is also a P&G researcher, “From a genetic analysis viewpoint, there is clear evidence that dark spots, commonly called melasma or liver spots, have less moisture content and are thicker compared to other parts of the skin.”

He further adds that research into the genes of the dark spots reveal the progression in keratinization, which is to say, the base layer of cells at the skin epidermis start to form a hardkeratin protein as new cells form beneath them, appearing as calluses. At the same time, there is also a corresponding drop in water content, affirming that dark spots advance keratinization. Furthermore, this dehydration affects the enzyme’s ability to exfoliate these calluses, resulting in thicker cornification.

Since the sun’s UV rays reach our skin regardless of the weather conditions – yes, even on cloudy and rainy days – and even while we’re indoors, sunblock protection is a must in your skincare regime to prevent UV spots. Our recommendation is for a sunblock with an SPF30 PA++ as the minimum requirement to be applied daily.

Melanin is produced upon the skin’s exposure to UV rays so it’s good practice to counter the formation of UV spots by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables since they contain vitamins and enzymes that repair sun-damaged skin. This sun-protection regime will not only prevent UV damage, but more importantly, prevent dark spots from appearing.

Research has shown that the formation of dark spots results from skin dryness and a compromised skin barrier function, hence maintaining skin health with moisturising care would serve as an excellent preventive measure against dark spots. For optimal moisture levels in healthy skin, choose skincare products such as toner, lotion and creams that boost or retain moisture, thereby protecting the skin against the harshness of a dry environment. You can also attain visibly improved skin moisturisation with *Brightening Essence such as the Genoptics Aura Essence.

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We recommend the use of a cleansing lotion for the gentle removal of keratin build-up and to prevent dark spots from forming.

Apply an adequate amount of lotion onto a cotton pad. Use a firm but light stroke to slide the cotton pad across the skin to clean without unnecessary rubbing. Moisturising after exfoliation lends a clear luster and healthy glow to the skin!

While it may be tempting to squeeze that annoying pimple or acne, or remove a blemish by rubbing the skin, that action does more harm than good. Such actions may aggravate the condition through inflammation or further pigmentation. Make the conscious effort to resist unnecessary touching and let the skin heal naturally.

Based on what we’ve shared so far, these are the steps to a basic skincare regime. The next beauty essential for visage enhancement – brightening serum to correct dark spots. The main ingredient is nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, keeping it healthy. The serum suppresses melanin production caused by sunburn and tanning, helping to prevent  dark spots and freckles.

When using the serum or dark spot correctors, apply it to the cheekbone area first since this tends to be most exposed to the UV rays. Follow on by applying to the rest of the face.

This brightening serum is beneficial even if you do not presently have dark spots on your skin. The reason is that some spots are hidden under your skin and may well surface and become visible as dark spots years later! Hence, be proactive today and start taking care of your face and you’ll reduce the likelihood of dark spots in the future.

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We all aspire to have clear and unblemished skin. Since we now know that melanin pigmentation and dryness are the causes of dull skin that is prone to fade spot, the need to adopt a proper UV prevention and moisturising care regime is of paramount importance to prevent the formation of fade dark spots on your face . The inclusion of our *skin brightening care not only fulfils your skin needs, but you’ll notice the brightening of your skin and greater clarity in your complexion with continuous use.

Pay special attention to those fade spot! But instead of rushing to fade dark spots on your face with a *brightening serum in the first instance, you should focus on the basic skincare requirement with moisturising care and UV protection. *Brightening care as the next step would be more effective this way.  With these steps in place, you can look forward to having bright and beautiful skin!

Follow a daily skincare routine to achieve clear and unblemished skin.

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*Galactomyces culture fluid (refines skin texture, improves moisture absorption)
**Brightening aims to inhibit melanin production caused by sunburn or tanning to prevent dark spots or freckles.