NEW GenOptics
Under Eye Circle

Our lightweight yet powerful eye serum to brighten up under eye shadows
GenOptics Under Eye Circle

Targets root causes of under eye shadows

Holistically addresses dullness, dryness and daily stressors that cause under eye shadows.

Unleash the power of GenOptics x PITERA™


Enriched with over 50 micro-nutrients to transform skin to Crystal Clear.

GenOptics Under Eye Dual Complex

Enhances healthy, bright skin turnover and cushions up brightened skin layer.


GenOptics Aura Technology

Prevents appearance of dullness and brightens skin tone.

PITERA™: SK-II’s exclusive and naturally derived ingredient crafted from a proprietary fermentation process of a unique yeast strain. (SK-II’s owned GalactomycesFerment Filtrate -skin conditioning agent).

Engineered with unique ceramic roller-ball applicator

How to use

When to Use

For best results, products are recommended to be used in the right order.




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