Powerful and rich, supercharges your skin from deep within^.
I love this rich texture. I like to use this cream with face massage.
SK-II user since 2019
The texture is light and non-sticky. If you keep using it, your skin will become more elastic.
SK-II user since 2010
I really like this new cream after trying it recently. Creamy in texture, it's light on the face. Love that it keeps my skin bouncy, glowy and smooth all day.
SK-II user since 2018
  • Chun Xia
SK-II SKINPOWER Cream: Rich face moisturizer for bouncy, smooth and glowing skin all day
Your skin becomes


Boost your skin's energetic bounce. Skin feels more elastic and supple.

SK-II breakthrough formula: InfinitPower Technology

Supercharge skin from deep within^

With SK-II’s revolutionary ingredient complex, your deeply hydrated skin resists low-power moments caused by daily stressors.

^Stratum corneum

What's inside


A natural ingredient crafted from the fermentation process of a very unique yeast strain.

*PITERA™: Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (Skin Conditioning Ingredient)

InfinitPower Technology

An exclusive cocktail of ingredients to work from deep within, supercharge your skin's power source layer by layer. It is formulated with Calla Lily Extract, Quercertin Extract and Peony Extract.

When to use

For best results, products are recommended to be used in the right order.





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^Stratum corneum