SK-II x Fantasista Utamaro

A legendary story reimagined

A tribute to the legend of PITERA™

Discovered by chance

Once upon a time, in a sake brewery in Japan, the POWER of PITERA™ was discovered. A chance observation of an old Toji’s youthful-looking hands in stark contrast to his wrinkled face unlocked the legend of PITERA™.

SK-II Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition - Pitera Discovered By Chance

The legend of PITERA™

For the first time, the legend takes on an unexpected twist—coming to life through the eyes of none other than Imma, Japan’s first virtual human as she discovers the POWER of PITERA™ and gains superpowers.

SK-II Fantasista Utamaro Limited Edition - Imma Hands

The power of PITERA™

In her fantastical journey, Imma meets actress Haruka Ayase, singer songwriter Leah Dou and supermodel Behati Prinsloo Levine and together, they celebrate the POWER of PITERA™, transforming the world around them with the bold manga patterns of Fantasista Utamaro.

The miracle of PITERA™

Born in Japan, the makings of PITERA™ has been kept top secret. Essentially unchanged for 39 years, PITERA™ Essence is SK-II’s signature and most awarded bestseller. Known for its transformative powers through the times, millions of women who used it have experienced miraculous transformation to Crystal Clear Skin and swear by it, lovingly calling it their “Miracle Water”.



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Christmas Set 2019
Limited Edition

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