Facial Treatment Essence Product Feature Card
SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

S$ 100

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Facial Treatment Mask

S$ 127

Facial Treatment Oil Product Hero

Facial Treatment Oil

S$ 205

Mid Day Miracle Essence Product Hero

Mid-Day Miracle Essence

S$ 93


Hydrating care targets dry and dehydrated skin by preventing moisture loss.

Facial Treatment Repair C Product Hero

Facial Treatment Repair C

S$ 172

Hydration Faq Tiles Portrait

What is hydration?

Hydration refers to the amount of water in your skin. Your skin needs to be hydrated to remain supple, maintain its protective barrier, and give you a healthy and smooth complexion.

Fltk Jaso17 Asean Product Hero1

PITERA™ Welcome Set

S$ 115

What causes dryness?

Dryness is caused by a lack of hydration, sebum, ceramides, or NMF. It can be due to various reasons such as your natural skin type or extreme dryness in your environment. Moisturisers can help it feel less tight, sensitive or flaky.

Dehydration Faq Tiles Portrait

What is dehydration ?

Dehydrated skin feels dry and tight, sometimes with an oily layer on the surface. The lack of hydration can be caused by aging, lack of sleep, or low-humidity environmental conditions.

Massage Faq Tiles Portrait

Should you massage?

Massaging your skin while applying serums and moisturisers not only helps products absorb better, but also boosts your skin’s circulation.


UV Protection