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Crystal Skin Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation

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Just in time for the Spring/Summer season, SK-II’s new Crystal Skin Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation provides radiant, long-lasting coverage and UV protection

If there’s one Spring/Summer trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, it’s the season’s key beauty look – flawless, radiant skin is always in.

For many of us, achieving that look of flawless skin often means reaching for foundation, but there’s a dilemma when it comes to Spring/Summer base makeup – because of the season’s heat and humidity, applying thin, low-coverage foundation may look more natural but it collapses easily and doesn’t last long, while a thicker application feels heavy and looks overdone.

Using its expertise in skincare and beauty technology, SK-II found a way to address these issues by creating the Crystal Skin Perfecting Cream Compact, the ideal foundation for Spring/Summer that takes care of your skincare needs while blending easily into the skin to achieve radiant, glowing skin.


With a light texture that applies evenly to last longer on the skin, the new foundation has an increased amount of powder components in order to deliver more effective UV protection. The unique oil technology embedded in the formula enables it to still feel light when applied to the skin, producing a smooth and even surface without feeling greasy.

This unique emulsion foundation is comprised of three distinct layers – evident in the compact as colored swirls – with each layer contributing to the overall finished look of flawless radiance:

Beige – For coverage and protection
Giving the foundation its main color, this layer includes a Skin Radiance Complex that contains Pitera, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide among other ingredients, as well as UV protection of SPF 40 PA+++.

Lilac – For a brightening glow
This layer gives the skin a vibrant finish and three-dimensional glow using ‘rainbow pearl pigments’, an innovative blend of colored pigments inspired by a rainbow’s spectrum of light that becomes visible when refracted through moisture.

White – For soothing radiance
Containing ingredients such as prunus, mandarin, and glycerin, this layer provides your skin with a boost of radiance-enhancing skincare benefits.


The Crystal Skin Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation is at its most effective when used with SK-II’s exclusive Artisan Perfecting Brush. Precisely engineered as a result of rigorous research, the high-density brush boasts over 70,000 delicate elastic bristles, which allow the brush to softly and evenly cover each pore of the skin, resulting in smooth, even coverage with just one swipe.

Achieving a thin and even layer of the new emulsion foundation by using the Artisan Perfecting Brush means that the pigments are distributed evenly and can thus adhere well to the skin, which minimizes foundation deterioration often caused by stressors like sweat and sebum, and enables it to last longer throughout the day.


For an even more radiant look, be sure to apply Facial Treatment Essence and the new GenOptics Aura Essence before using the Crystal Skin Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation. Using SK-II’s signature essence as part of your regular skincare regimen hydrates the skin and gives it a smooth, well-moisturized canvas for applying makeup, while the GenOptics whitening serum brightens your skin with a luminous glow.


Crystal Skin Perfecting Cream Compact Foundation

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